I’ve written, edited, and taught my whole life. It’s who I am. All of my professional experience, beginning with my first job as a sandwich maker at the Village Cheese & Wine Shoppe (sic) in Laguna Beach, California in 1976 has involved writing, editing, and teaching. At that deli, as a high school freshman, I wrote and edited the menu (the owner couldn’t write her way out of a paper sandwich bag) and taught new employees (and reminded old ones) how to make all the amazing sandwiches. Years later, as a successful academic I excelled at high-level research and analysis to become a recognized authority on jazz and postwar American cultural history, speaking and writing about this passion and teaching at places such as Brown University, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and Boise State University. As VP of Sales & Marketing at an aircraft equipment manufacturer, I wrote all company literature, from marketing and advertising copy to complex government contract proposals to highly-detailed equipment catalogs, spec sheets, and operation manuals. As an English teacher since 2012, I’ve honed my editorial skills by writing hundreds of thousands of words of constructive feedback for students, from style and content considerations to grammar, spelling and everything in between; much of this work has been to prepare junior and senior students for college by taking my demanding Writing & Rhetoric and Literature & Ideas courses (for which they receive college credit through Boise State University). While teaching, I’ve published numerous feature articles related to my interest in the natural world, and written quite a few successful grant applications to support projects feeding my teaching habit. And I write for fun: I have seven active blogs (my students think I’m crazy). Finally, my teaching style is more closely related to tutoring, i.e. one-on-one dialogue leading to growth of knowledge and understanding. So, I am a writer, editor, and tutor. These things have served me very well, and I’d like them to serve you well as well.


All kinds of writing, from business to academic to research-based reports, scientific documentation, white papers, grant applications, campaign and political speeches, press releases, annual reports, catalogs, advertising and marketing copy. You name it, I have done it and I can write it. Free estimates for any project, large or small.


I provide efficient and smart editing services from basic light proofreading through heavy editing for content and re-drafting. No document is too short or too long. All styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Microsoft, Apple, Turabian, etc.).


Tutoring services from helping students with writing assignments in all grades K-12, and college/graduate school. As a former college professor, sales & marketing executive, and MS/HS English teacher, my tutoring services can accommodate any type of assignment or subject in the humanities and social sciences, as well as many scientific subjects (just not math! arg!).