With an Ivy League doctorate from the #1-ranked American Civilization program at Brown University, teaching experience at Brown, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, and Boise State University, then 8 years as VP of Sales & Marketing in the private sector, followed by 10 years teaching middle and high school English, as well as numerous publications of many different kinds, I have pretty decent writing and editing chops.

I’m also an avid musician, which means I’m a good listener, which is important for a writer, editor, and tutor. Any service I provide begins with a careful evaluation of what kind of help you’re looking for. Expect lots of questions. Based on your answers to my questions, I’ll give you a quote for services within 24 hours (usually much faster). If you need writing or editing, my turnaround time is very quick and the quality is high.

I live in far northwest Washington with my wife, Brittany spaniels, and tabby cat. I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad for both business and pleasure. Among other instruments, I play the great Highland bagpipes. As a college professor I was a recognized authority on jazz music and American culture, and regularly played golf on the same course as Tiger Woods. I once ate an entire jar of salmon eggs on stage as part of a comedy routine, and have published articles on sturgeon, trout, steelhead, water, pheasant, poison ivy, civil rights, online learning, big game poaching, and the very remote possibility of finding an absolutely perfect grain of sand. I don’t have a television and can’t decide if I want to be cremated or buried. When I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, that is.

In front of Shakespeare’s “New Place,” Stratford-Upon-Avon