I’m Here To Help

Writing is hard. Writing well is harder. If you need good writing, I can create it from scratch or fix what you already have. I can also teach people (but not dogs or other animals) how to write well. I’ve done that for a living for a while, and love seeing writers improve their communication skills..

During the Time of Covid-19, we’re all relying even more on “remote” kinds of communication. If you’re a business owner needing advertising or marketing material, or a politician trying to draft speeches or campaign literature, or simply someone who needs help finding the right words, I’m good at it. If you just wrote a novel but need a copy editor or proofreader, I’m your guy.

If you’re a parent who’s trying to home school but frustrated with teaching English or language arts to your kids, let me take that off your plate. I can evaluate the lessons and material from your home schooling network and either advise you or directly tutor your kids. I know the standards intimately and can often improve on student growth in relation to standards.